Columbus Migraine Doctor

How do we create a better path to headache and migraine pain relief?

First, let’s talk about the path you’ve been on.

Perhaps you, like so many patients, have found that the usual paths to pain relief have failed to meet your needs. No matter what you've tried, your headache pain still takes the lead. You may be ready for a different option, but only if different also means effective.

Conventional medicine has yielded a wealth of options for managing the painful symptoms of migraines. At Migraine Minds, we don’t discredit those medications, but we do approach symptoms differently. Our holistic perspective on health focuses further upstream—not at the symptoms but at the source of the problem. By listening to the story of your headaches and the treatments that you may have had, we can better identify the causes behind them. And by addressing these issues at their source, we can more effectively manage the symptoms they cause.

Your better path to headache and migraine relief begins at Migraine Minds. The knowledge and tools you’ll need to regain control of your migraines are all here. We look forward to working with you to develop lasting, livable treatment plans and help you find true relief. 

Migraine Minds offers many treatment options for migraines:

  • traditional medical treatment
  • nerve blocks
  • IV infusions
  • migraine education
  • nutritionist evaluation and guidance
  • wellness coaching
  • advanced massage therapy techniques
  • acupuncture
  • clinical hypnosis
  • stress reduction techniques 

Let us show you a path to better migraine care in Columbus Ohio