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What are the reasons behind yours?

Recurrent pain is one way the body cries out for help. When your headache or migraine pain returns, discovering what’s behind it allows for more immediate relief now and more effective prevention later. That’s where we start.

Migraine Minds was created for patients who seek lasting relief from headache and migraine pain. We help patients resolve immediate pain and develop plans for long-term pain management. It's how we deliver pain relief and help you regain control of your headaches that sets us apart from other providers.

Why do patients seek care at Migraine Minds?

  • Whole-patient analysis—We evaluate and treat you from a holistic point of view. Addressing symptoms alone only gives you part of a solution. Instead, we treat the whole person to resolve headache pain from all angles.

  • Same day pain relief—Treatment begins the same day you're evaluated. No need to delay you care any longer.

  • Empathy and Empowerment- You'll receive the instructive and compassionate care you need to regain control of your headaches.

  • Pro-active planning—You’ll receive an actionable plan for preventing, treating, and rescuing you from headaches. It’s an attainable, realistic and livable plan that’s individually customized to suit you and the life you lead.

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