New Patients

Treating migraines is an investigative process. Prior to your first visit you will be given access to our office forms regarding your health history, and our policies. Your initial appointment may last 1.5-2 hours. We understand that your migraines are unique and that you know your headaches better than anyone.  You will have time to tell us about your migraines and any concerns that you may have.

Dr. Van Fossen will listen intently, ask questions, perform an exam and review all of your information.  He will use this information to assist in sorting out a root cause of your headaches and develop an individualized treatment plan for you.

What to bring to your first visit:

  • A list of questions you may have
  • Medication records (present and past)
  • Previous testing reports (MRI, CT, ECG, Sleep studies)
  • Previous treatments (injections, surgeries, migraine medications)
  • A list of the doctors you have seen for your migraines
  • Your insurance card. Even though we don't accept insurance payment for our visits however, they may be covered by your "out-of-network" benefits. Check with your carrier. We will give you an invoice for you to send to your insurance company for possible reimbursement of your visit. MigraineMinds, LLC is a direct pay provider and payment for services is due at the time of service

At the end of your initial visit

We will go over our findings from our evaluation with you. We may suggest that you need to gather more information, undergo further diagnostic testing or referrals. We will then discuss treatment options and scheduling follow-up visits.

Established patients

Patients that have been evaluated in our office are eligible to use the acute care treatment area. We offer a specialized treatment room for those times when a migraine attack will not go away with your regular treatment plan. Our in-office treatment area is specifically designed for the migraine patient utilizing IV medications and injections. We can offer many different medication options to help alleviate your migraine in our office.

Established patients have the option of scheduling their appointments online with our electronic health record Practice Fusion. You will be able to use the patient portal to access your medical record as well. You may also opt to use the Doc Halo service for secure texting communication with Dr. Van Fossen and our staff.

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